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Rob's Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. 17527 Hwy 99E Hubbard, Oregon 503-982-5516

Powerstroke Diesel Specialist
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         Rob's Powerstroke Performance Center, Specializing in the 6.0l/6.4l Powerstroke and 6.6l Duramax Diesel . The leader in Powerstroke Diesel repair for over 13 years.                                                                      



We use only those parts which have been proven to increase durability, economy and performance for both the Powerstroke and Duramax Diesel.


Bulletproof Diesel


Banks Power





Suspension and Alignment

Differential Upgrades and Repairs

Transmission Repairs, Upgrades and Service


Head Gasket, Stud installations

EGR/Oil Cooler replacements

Exhaust Systems

Driven Diesel 6.0l regulated Fuel return systems.



We have the well proven solutions to all of the issues which plague the 6.0l Powerstroke Diesel and many of the emerging issues on the 6.4l Powerstroke Diesel.


One of the questions I am often asked by people inquiring about a head gasket repair is, How many head gaskets have you done? head gasket replacement is the most common repair and upgrade I have performed over the last 4 years. I am confident I have done more head gasket and ARP stud upgrades on the 6.0 PSD than  any one individual in the industry, and there are not many people in the Professional Automotive Repair Industry that would dispute that.


I have only had one repeat head gasket failure due to the use of an aftermarket gasket. this was part of the learning curve so you can be assured if I recommend an aftermarket part or upgrade, it has been tested and proven reliable through several years of product use in real world situations.

Being Part of Fleet Service Northwest,Inc. for the past 13 years has made us the leader in Powerstroke Diesel Repair.

We have many happy and satisfied customers from all over the western United States and Canada.

From minor service to major repairs, we have the tools and experience to accurately diagnose your Powerstroke Diesel and get it back on the road.

If you are tired of of throwing money away on misdiagnosis and ineffective repairs, Give us a call or Email today







6.0L Head Gasket Failure
6.0L EGR/Oil Cooler Upgrade
6.0L Powerstroke EGR Delete